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What we do

Helping your organisation and your people develop Virtual Fluency

Asking your people to move meetings, presentations and training events online is so much more than just providing the technology itself, your people now are being asked to perform virtually

Without achieving Virtual Fluency your employees are likely to be attending virtual events that do not achive their expected outcome

We have recognised that to develop Virtual Fluency there are 4 critical areas that need to be focussed on 



The virtual platform your employees will be using has a toolset that can be leveraged to achieve results virtually, being able to identify which tool is best suited to achieve your intended outcomes, being able to troubleshoot the tools and technology when they don't perform as you expected is key for virtual sucess


Your ability to successfully deliver the intention of your virtual event, being able to engage and interact with an invisible audience, delivering a virtual experience that prevents multitasking attendees and delivers results 



The technology adds a layer of complexity to the virtual event, recognising what is required to conduct a successful virtual event is a key component of  virtual readiness that the organisation, the facilitator and the attendees need in order to leverage virtual events


Designing and delivering a successful virtual performance does not happen by chance - designing the session flow, the interactions and activities and timing for the virtual event is critical for virtual success 

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