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Developing Virtual Fluency

your ability to connect, communicate and collaborate virtually

Today's globally and digitally connected workplace requires our employees to move meetings, presentations, marketing and training events from the traditional office environment online into the virtual worlds of Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, WebEx and Skype for Business to name but a few of the virtual platforms organisations deploy

Every day employees the world over are running virtual meetings, delivering virtual presentations, hosting marketing webinars, or conducting virtual classroom training using these virtual platforms with invisible audiences, but how effective are those virtual events?

Technology issues, poorly run sessions, confusion and lack of clarity from presenters, virtual attendees who multitask or go missing - we have all experienced those elements that can derail a virtual event 

Are your people able to perform in their virtual events - if the answer is NO then they need to develop Virtual Fluency - knowledge skills and mindsets that support effective virtual communication

It is your ability to connect, communicate and collaborate with virtual technologies successfully, through using the technologies and toolsets to engage and interact with virtual audiences, being able to direct invisible virtual audiences to achieve intended outcomes, and supporting the smooth running of virtual events within your organisation

Supporting you and your organisation to develop Virtual Fluency is our mission


Our team are all experts in leveraging web conferencing technologies to conduct virtual meetings, deliver virtual presentations and conduct virtual training, we support global organisations to develop Virtual Fluency to succeed in the digital workplace

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